The Importance Of Damp Proofing

The Importance Of Damp Proofing

When it comes to internal building problems, damp is without doubt one of the most frequent that we now have to deal with, regardless of whether or not the building is commercial or residential. With rising damp, it’s always easier to stop than it is to treat, which is why damp proof is so necessary.

If damp proofing will not be put in properly, or under no circumstances, there will probably be little to no protection for the partitions and floors. Ultimately, this will lead to mould, damp patches on the partitions, stains, wet rot, peeling wallpaper and musty smells, all of which we’d actually like to avoid.

Damp proofing is an umbrella term used to explain a number of different treatments utilized to stop the problem of damp affecting domestic and commercial properties. That said, damp proofing is essentially known as a particular type of waterproofing for constructed walls. In these walls, a damp proofing barrier – additionally known as a damp proof course – is fitted to ensure that damp problems don’t arise.

Damp isn’t just an unpleasant scar on your property or a putrid scent, it’s additionally very much a health risk to you, your family or your employees. The main health risk associated with damp relates to the respiratory system, which is affected by the moisture within the air and the microscopic bacteria which thrive in such an environment. In keeping with a research carried out in 1997, individuals who live in damp houses are twice as likely to suffer from bronchial asthma when compared to those who live in houses without damp problems. Different widespread respiratory problems which are linked to household damp include bronchitis, breathing difficulties and chest pains.

A further health challenge which damp can cause is eczema. Various studies have demonstrated a link between between damp problems and the incidence of this nasty skin ailment. However, those that are already suffering from skin problems are at a a lot larger risk – particularly younger children.

Wantless to say, fixing such damp issues in your house can go an extremely long way to controlling, and even eliminating fully, these problems.

As we said at the beginning of the article, it’s always simpler to prevent damp than it is to remove it – this is likely one of the reasons damp proofing is so important. In case you find out your own home has damp problems as a consequence of inadequate proofing, you possibly can find yourself having to pay thousands and thousands of kilos to repair it.

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