How To: Apply A Motocross Graphics Kit

How To: Apply A Motocross Graphics Kit

Ever purchased a mud bike graphics kit to freshen up your motocross bike, but been too scared to put it on for fear of destroying it in the process? Here are the secrets and techniques we now have been using for years to get graphics on quickly and easily.

What are the options?
The old saying goes there are a couple of totally different ways to skin a cat, which also applies to sticker kits as there isn’t really a proper or wrong way to do this. Now we have suggested the next technique as it has ended up being the best way we have now experienced while getting good outcomes, and may be cleaner than another ways involving soapy water to help getting the graphics on straight.

Different alternate options for making use of graphics to the bike utilizing nothing however elbow grease, which can work out fine, but if you haven’t applied graphics before we wouldn’t suggest it! The downside is the graphics are sticky and not very malleable, so you'll have to get them straight the primary try or you might damage the kit making an attempt to rip them off to get them straight.

Another methodology is the wet application using soapy water to lubricate the plastics and the sticker kit so you'll be able to place the graphics on and slide them around till you will have them in the appropriate place. The downside is some believe that even though the soapy water dries, there may be always soap residue the remains beneath the dirt bike graphics kit, compromising the adhesive strength and making the kit more likely to peel off over time.

Step 1: Remove the old graphic kit from areas which you want to apply graphics to, you desire a clean and smooth surface for the most effective chance of your graphics looking good and staying on. There could also be some glue residue left on your plastics which is easiest to clean off with an alcohol-based cleaner - it's essential to not use any oil-based cleaners, as this can damage the glue after installation.

Step 2: When your bike is clean and dry, take your entire new graphics out of the packaging and work out where every bit must go, it may be complicated generally with equally shaped dirt bike stickers, so a good way to recollect is working everything out and then laying them on the ground in the sample which they are going to go onto your bike.

Step 3: You are ready to start applying! Select a part of the bike which is smooth and relatively flat on your first strive relatively than picking a rounded surface which may be tricky, we normally start on the entrance fender and work our way to the back of the bike from there.

Some individuals like to remove the plastics from the bike to apply graphics, but we now have discovered that on a full kit, some parts of the bike won’t line up perfectly straight, so keeping the plastics on the bike will help you get everything lining up straighter. You could wish to remove your seat or sure pieces of plastic momentarily as some graphics are designed to fold over an edge and stick down on the top of your fuel tank for example, which could be harder with your seat still attached.

Start by holding the sticker to the desired location to see how well it will line up and where you want it to stick. Once you are completely satisfied, peel away a small section of the backing paper so you have got a small section of adhesive exposed. We always discover a straight part to start on as if you line the first part up properly the rest of the sticker ought to line up appropriately with the plastic providing the sticker template is made well.

Upon getting a small part stuck to the plastic and earlier than you remove the rest of the sticker backing check to see if the sticker is lining up with the rest of the plastic by holding it down to see where it lines up. If you are completely happy you're ready to complete this off, if not you possibly can lift the sticker off and have another strive till you get it right!

This is where the heat gun comes into play:
Take your heat gun or hair dryer set on a low setting and use it to warm the motocross graphics up on the edge which is being stuck down, hold the heat gun approximately 30cm from the goal as stickers are thin, so they don’t need a lot heat before they start to melt - take your time and be careful or you'll find yourself with a warped mess!

As you warm the sticker up you can slowly peel the backing paper off and work the sticker down utilizing your fingers, you will see that the sticker is soft because of the heat and can mould to the form of the plastics easily. Because of the warmth, it will probably be less likely to bubble and the sticker can stretch or compress easily and kind to the shape you need it to.

Keep doing this till the sticker is totally on and it is best to have a straight, smooth sticker free from bubbles, and don't have any want to use a box cutter to trim the loose parts of your sticker kit.

Repeat this process on every panel however bear in mind a surface which is concave or convex will always be tough to apply without bubbles, some stickers for these panels come with a small part lower out to permit for an overlap. You may need to trim these further so do your greatest and don’t be scared to trim if want be!

If you have any type of concerns regarding where and just how to use quadzilla sticker kit, you can call us at our site.